Author name: Ron Duda

A Whole Roll of Ferrania P30 Black and White film. If it was an automobile…

This, my first roll of Ferrania P30, black and white negative film, yielded thirty seven exposures.  You’ll see here only thirty five. I store my negatives in mylar sleeves – seven rows of  five frames each.   Foolishly, I cut one frame right in half thinking I’d cut between frames.  Luckily I took two shots of that subject.  Another frame made the strip just too long to fit in the mylar sleeve, so off it came.  There’s no “undo” button in analogue photography, so thirty five frames it is.  That’s more than enough to illustrate my first experience with this black and white film.

Photographing a Butterfly Conservatory – Black and White, What Can’t It Do?

My wife and I usually spend some time somewhere in the warm sunny south over the course of our too long winters in Ontario Canada.  Not so this year.  We were however looking for some respite in late February so we booked a short overnight stay in Niagara Falls.  One of the less sensational attractions …

Photographing a Butterfly Conservatory – Black and White, What Can’t It Do? Read More

B.B King on a Canon AE1 – By Ron Duda

Blues legend B. B. King came to my town, Hamilton, Canada  in 1983 to play at what was then called Hamilton Place. What that venue lacked in architectural character it more than made up for in its excellent acoustics. Being a medium sized city, we didn’t attract many big acts. B. B. playing in our town was a pretty big deal. He was at the height of his talent and popularity. He’d recorded his famous “The Thrill Is Gone” about 14 years prior. It became his signature tune and a Blues classic. (B. B. was still in fine form when I saw him 20 years later in the same venue.)

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