Author name: Edd Carr

Edd Carr is the co-founder of the Northern Sustainable Darkroom, an initiative to green analogue darkroom processes.

Sustainable Darkroom Launch UK’s First ‘Photographic Garden’ – By Edd Carr

The traditional darkroom is, at least until now, a firmly indoor pursuit. Hunched over a blinking enlarger, the room bathed in red light – the time slips by, and day disappears into night. But we at the Sustainable Darkroom believe that the darkroom’s future is rooted in the outdoors; in the shovel of soil, the falling rain, and the growth of green shoots towards the sun.

This Music Video was Made Entirely Out of Cyanotypes – By Edd Carr

The cyanotype process is loved by both photographers and printmakers alike. With relative ease, your image is steeped into a realm of rich, velvety blues that convey a sense of serenity and strength. Often you will see gazing portraits, awash with a range of striking blues. Or a simple landscape, the rolling hills or stretching forests no longer green – but a palette of endless blues.

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