Eric Charles Jones

I'm currently, based in the Tokyo area trying to document this crazy beautiful world in my own way through words and pictures. My passion for photography developed as a child in Cleveland, Ohio exploring my father’s dark room and paging through his photography magazines. Cameras and photography have always been special to me. Their ability to tell a story and to stop time is magical.

Eric Charles Jones's Posts

29 September, 2023

The Legends of Jazz and 5 Photography Masters

By Eric Charles Jones

Photography and Jazz music are two sources of inspiration in my life. They are my muses. In Jazz music, there is an emphasis on improvisation. Musicians often create impromptu s...

11 July, 2023

AI: The Beginning of The End of Photography

By Eric Charles Jones

Image above created by the AI image generator (DALL-E) “There used to be big men in the world, men of mind and power and imagination. There was St. Paul and Einstein and ...