Author name: Charlie Bierwirth

I'm an amateur photographer and an even more amateur writer. I've been shooting digital since 2015 and film since mid-2019. Currently living in the American Pacific Northwest, but who knows what the future holds. Film Gear: Canon FT with a myriad of lenses, Canon SureShot MAX, Argus Argoflex TLR, and Olympus 35 RC Digital Gear: Fujifilm X-T30 with the ability to adapt my Canon lenses onto it Favorite Lens: Nikon 50mm/1.4 AI (adapted onto my X-T30)

1 Sunset, 2 Mediums, 4 Cameras – By Charlie Bierwirth

In the digital world we live in, many people ask “why film?”. It’s something I asked myself when I first started this great hobby just three years ago. Once I started shooting film I quickly found that there was a distinct difference. I’m an engineer so naturally I over-analyze nearly everything; photography is no different. While camping this past fall I had the opportunity to capture a beautiful sunset. At first, I just took the photo on my Argus Argoflex TLR loaded with Ektar 100. After I got my shot I pulled out my Fujifilm X-T30. Still wanting to take more photos I pulled out my Canon SureShot MAX loaded with Fujifilm Fujicolor 400. Finally, to be able to immediately show off to my friends at work, I pulled out my iPhone XR and took a shot with it. 

Drug Store Film – A Short Review – By Charlie Bierwirth

Growing up in the digital age I never had a “proper” film camera – just a cheap blue plastic point and shoot that I phased out by the time I left elementary school. I the only things I remember about it was the flash always washed out the photos and that I had to spend my week’s allowance just to buy a roll of film for it. I quickly left film behind for digital as most other millennials did. That is until this past summer when I inherited my mother-in-law’s Canon AE-1. I was surprised to find that there was still a film photography community.

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