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Meraki Photo Shoot – Creativity In Isolation – By Gavin Bain

July 2020. The rest of the world was in lockdown and isolation, but in Townsville, Queensland Australia we still retained most of our liberties. We were advised to be wise and most businesses adhered to state restrictions to close up but we were never given a stay at home order.

During this interesting time in humankind’s history, my good friend Luke sent me a message to say that his incredible band “Meraki” were looking to record some music videos whilst we all had the time, and wondered if I were interested in capturing some photographs of the process for them.

Sunrise On Lomography 800 & A Leica M6 – By Gavin Bain

Where I live, Townsville Australia, we are fortunate to have the ocean and the Great Barrier Reef to our east, and at the same time we are flanked by dirt and mountain ranges to our west. It is truly the best of both worlds here.

There is a certain photogenic mountain peak that sits on private property, making it quite difficult to access without approval. I have made many photographs of the peaks from a distance but I’ve not been able to get close enough to be satisfied with them. My friend and I had been searching for a way to get closer on Google Earth, and found one. A dirt back road that appeared to stop right at the foot of the mountain. Just what we were looking for!

32 Frames / A Whole Roll of Lomography 800 – #FullRollFriday – By Gavin Bain

I’m a big fan of challenges when it comes to photography. I like imposing limitations on myself to see what I can create under the circumstances. In 2018 I decided to only photograph and share black and white film photographs. In 2019 I carried on with that theme but I introduced a new limitation by only photographing in portrait orientation. In 2020, I decided that I would introduce both digital photography and colour back into my workflow, but I decided to only photograph in landscape orientation for the whole year.

Canon Sure Shot 105 Zoom

Canon Sure Shot 105 Zoom – Mini Review – By Gavin Bain

It’s hard this day and age to get away from plastic point & shoot cameras. The “popular” film photographers pedal them all the time as the greatest cameras money can buy, there is an abundance of online auctions for plastic point and shoots, and endless videos on YouTube titled “My First Time Using Film” with a point and shoot in the thumbnail, which still boggles my mind. I’m only 27 but the thought that a lot of photographers now are only using film for the first time in 2020 makes me feel extremely old.  

Deciding on My Favourite 5 Frames From 2019 (And Maybe A couple of Sneaky Extras) – By Gavin Bain

I dedicated the month of December 2019 to curating a zine I planned to self publish simply titled “two thousand nineteen”. My goal for this zine was to compile my absolute favourite images I’ve made from the year into a tangible, printed piece of work outside of Instagram. If people were interested in buying it then I would sell it, if not then it was to be something I would have for myself to represent a year of growth. I also liked the idea of being able to show somebody my work rather then open my Instagram to show them.

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