Author name: giacomozema

I'm an engineering student in Turin , Italy. My love for photography started when I was 15 years old and it is still growing. I started shooting film at the beginnig of 2018 and I don't plan on stopping

5 frames with the Olympus 35SP and Fomapan 200 (I have a lot to learn) – by Giacomo Zema

I have been looking for a compact rangefinder for almost a year, at the top of my list there initially was the Canonet QL17, but as time went by it got replaced in my wishlist by the Olympus 35 SP, not before a long and informative period of intense geeking about any other camera of this category. I guess the appeal of rangefinders is mostly due to their good looks, but also the stealthiness and the relative quickness of operation. Moreover, I was looking for a fixed lens compact rangefinder because I can’t afford a Leica and I don’t have the patience to fiddle with the various Russian clones; at this period in time at least. Also, the lenses on some of these bad boys are incredible and the reduced lens-to-film distance due to the compact design seems to result in even better sharpness (not that I care particularly about sharpness, but I am a nerd: it’s things like these that get me up in the morning).

Nikon L35AF – a mini review – by Giacomo Zema

I started shooting film at the beginning of last year when I picked up a mint Canon Eos 620 that I intended to use with my EF lenses (which were tired of my aps-c digital camera). Shortly after I felt the need to add another film camera to my collection, as the Canon felt clunky and the autofocus was kind of frustrating. This unbearable necessity overlapped with my all-time desire of a camera that I could keep in my pocket at all time and bring with me everywhere, so I started my search for a compact camera with a fixed lens. There I watched a big fat world of possibilities unfold before my eyes.

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