Author name: Gregoire MBV

Yashica AW-Mini

5 frames with a Yashica AW-Mini and some Fomapan – BY Grégoire MBV

A few weeks ago, I was in Paris enjoying a long week end under a very sunny sky. So I decided to load a roll of Fomapan 200 in this new camera that I just got: a near mint Yashica AW-Mini. I wanted to test this impressively featured kind of cheap version of the T3 that I own already and love so much. So here we go! 5 pics with Fomapan 200 in a Yashica AW-Mini point and shoot camera.

5 Frames with a Nikon AF600 & Fuji C200 in Venezia and Burano (Italy) – By Gregoire MBV

That isn’t really what this article was supposed to be titled.  If things had gone differently it would have been “Last of the Kodachrome”.

My life with 35mm photography began in HS in the mid 80’s with a class taken the spring of my junior year.  My first camera, one I still own and shoot with is a Petri 2.8.  You can read about it here.  It was a 1960’s era hand me down and I shot exclusively with it for a year and a half.  During this time, I found room for a bathroom darkroom with a Beseler 35.

The next big gear acquisition was when I graduated from HS.  My family of aunts and uncles knew what I wanted and indeed had been helping me with my passion since I got started.  Everyone pooled their collective monetary congratulations and I was able to purchase my first 35mm SLR.

The Healing Process of Getting Back into Photography after 15 Years – By Grégoire MBV

My name is Greg, I live in France, I’m 37, I run a wineshop, but we’re not here to discuss about all that. We’re here because 15 years ago, more or less, I quit photography, and now I’m back at it, after so many years. What happened? What got me back into it? Life happened, all the way.

Back then

15 years ago, I was studying anthropology and sociology, living in the countryside of the south west of France. Nice and cool life you might think. Yet, I was suffering depression. I had to stop a first passion, dance, because of an injury. So I was trying to find something that could help me express what I had to say at the time. And photography it was, for a certain time at least.

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