Author name: Hamish Gill

I started taking photos at the age of 9. Since then I've taken photos for a hobby, sold cameras for a living, and for a little more than decade I've been a professional photographer and, of course, weekly contributor to 35mmc.

Keks KM02 Shoe Mount Light Meter Review

Keks have recently released a new light meter, the Keks KM02. This new meter has whole load of new features compared to the previous Keks EM01 (reviewed here). It’s also smaller and lighter than the previous model, has a fractionally longer battery life and is supposedly more accurate than the EM01 (which seemed pretty spot on to me). All in all, on paper it sounds like it could be a winner. I was certainly very interested in reviewing it!

My First Roll of 110 since the 90s – Lomography 110 Tiger Film

Back over Easter we went on holiday in my wife’s van around the west and north of wales. I used 3 cameras whilst we were travelling the Sony ZV-1, a Hasselblad SWC and a Pentax 110 auto. I’ve already reviewed the Sony, and have some thoughts to share about both the Pentax and Hasselblad at some point, though I’m not quite ready on either count just yet. In the meanwhile, I thought it might be nice to write about the first roll of 110 film I’ve shot since the 90s!

NEWS: Omnar Lenses Brass E39 Lens caps & pixl-latr ‘Parts Kits’

As some (many?) of you might know, in recent years I have been working on two brands of photography products, Omnar lenses and pixl-latr. I have little bits of news about both brands today, so I thought I would share. Omnar Lenses Brass E39 Lens caps We have just launched our Omnar Lenses Brass E39 …

NEWS: Omnar Lenses Brass E39 Lens caps & pixl-latr ‘Parts Kits’ Read More

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