Author name: C. Argott

Engineer by day; sailor, archer, fencer, salsa dancer by night. I've been carrying a camera around with me for about 2 decades and own a collection of over a dozen film cameras all of which get regular use. You can find my current attempts at a more art centric approach to photography in

Finding details in the city: part 2 – Georgetown – by Carlos Argott

In the same way that in my previous photo essay I focused on small details that I would’ve normally ignored. For this second part I decided to also go to a neighbourhood that I don’t usually visit, to try to find more of those hidden details of the city I live in. To that end, I chose Georgetown; a small rectangle of land isolated from the rest of Seattle by obstacles both natural and man made, that has maintained an aesthetic that feels more small town America than booming tech cultural melting pot.

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