Author name: Iain Paterson

Recent arrival to film photography's revitalisation and based in the UK's far south west, resuming a journey first inspired by a Fujica STX-1 and the then nearby National Museum of Photography, Film & Television

Minolta AF50 Big Finder and film container

Minolta AF50 Big Finder Review – a Wide Angle Compact to Use Close-up

It has a 27mm lens, is truly pocketable and has been recommended by a 35mmc contributor*; I felt compelled to try out the Minolta AF50 Big Finder. It turns out there are at least two other similarly named cameras – the Minolta AF Big Finder (34 mm focal length, autofocus) and the fixed focus Minolta …

Minolta AF50 Big Finder Review – a Wide Angle Compact to Use Close-up Read More

Konica TCX with Sigma 28mm lens

5 Frames Simply Taken with a Konica TC-X and Sigma Mini-Wide II 28mm lens (No Batteries Required) – By Iain Paterson

Going back to basics in photography – using just a light-tight box, a single lens, and a mechanical shutter and winder – is often framed as a return to simplicity, even if it immensely complicates the actual process of taking a picture. I guess simplicity refers in this case not only to the equipment, but also to a sort of purity of experience. Seeking more engagement with the process than an autofocus SLR or compact can provide, and even perhaps aiming for something of a meditative state, a photographer might first choose a metered manual focus camera, perhaps setting exposure guided by a match needle in the viewfinder.

MZ-M front view

The Pentax MZ-M (ZX-M) Review – The Ultimate Beginner’s 35mm SLR? – By Iain Paterson

Look at virtually any of the online guides recommending the best SLRs for newcomers to film photography and a shortlist soon becomes familiar: Pentax K1000, Canon AE-1, Olympus OM10, plus a variable selection of other models from the same era. All are perfectly solid choices no doubt, and with a certain retro cachet for some – but are they really the best starting point?

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