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Halina 160

Halina 160 – 5 Frames Mini-Review with a Roll of Portra 400 – by James Greenoff

You never forget your first. The Halina 160 was my first camera. It’s just over 30 years since I opened it on Christmas morning and shot my first roll of film. With that camera lost to the sands of time, I recently found a clean one on eBay.

The camera was sold throughout the late 80s as the Halina 160, Miranda FGZ, Haking Quick, Haking CF35, and the Revue 150CF. It has both fixed focus and fixed shutter-speed, and a 33mm f/5.6 lens.

5 Frames with Kodak Pro Image 100 – By James Greenoff

I’ve been in a committed ménage à trois with Ilford HP5 and Kodak Portra 400 for the last few years. There have been dalliances with others but these were one or two roll stands. I’m a pretty lazy when it comes to film. Most of the time I shoot Portra and take advantage of its wide exposure latitude, (it covers for slapdash metering in cameras that have no meter). It also converts to black and white nicely, has an attractive grain structure and all in all, does everything I need it to do, hence the lazy.

5 Frames with a Canon F1 with a 55mm f/1.2 – James Greenoff

My Canon F1 came to me just after I’d committed to no more cameras. I have about six or seven good cameras working in a rotation and for the most part I’m an SLR shooter, (I have a a Leica M4-P which I’ve yet to fully engage with, it is a very nice ‘thing’ though). It all happened after I’d been chuntering away about wanting a super simple, super sexy, 35mm SLR, that gave me the things that I love about the Leica without without having to compromise on the stuff I like about SLRs in general. 

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