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5 Frames with… #64 Canon F1 with a 55mm f/1.2 – James Greenoff

My Canon F1 came to me just after I’d committed to no more cameras. I have about six or seven good cameras working in a rotation and for the most part I’m an SLR shooter, (I have a a Leica M4-P which I’ve yet to fully engage with, it is a very nice ‘thing’ though). It all happened after I’d been chuntering away about wanting a super simple, super sexy, 35mm SLR, that gave me the things that I love about the Leica without without having to compromise on the stuff I like about SLRs in general. 

It came to me with perfect paintwork, a broken meter, and a few nice lenses. I added a 55mm f/1.2 to the bag and have basically just shot that since. I took the pictures below back in sunny August, while on the Street Hunters meet up. This was the first outing of my F1 with the 55mm and I was super pleased with the results. I shot on portra which both looks great and has massive dynamic range. (It smoothes the rougher edges of my slapdash metering).

I love the feel and the speed with which I can shoot it and the simplicity of operation, I like the meaty-ness of it, and the lack of ergonomic consideration. I also really like the shutter lock. At 1.4 kilos it is not light or compact, but it has become my daily driver, (unless I’m trying to engage with the M4-P).


James Greenoff’s ramblings and further photography can be found at www.jamesgreenoff.com, on instagram at instagram.com/jamesgreenoff  and at www.jamesgreenoff.photography

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  • Reply
    jeremy north
    December 27, 2017 at 11:39 pm

    Apart from being potentially, a lethal weapon, the F1 is a sweet camera. Very smooth, beautifully built and I’d say quite good ergonomically.
    Having handled your F1 & 55/1.2 combo, it is indeed a bit of a beast. However the end justifies the means, as they say. I like your choice of Portra to show it off. Thank you James.

  • Reply
    Racket horning and the Handsome Loaner - James Greenoff Photography
    January 2, 2018 at 7:06 pm

    […] continued to shoot my Canon F1, racking up a few more keepers and posting a  5 Frames With… on 35mmc. I was also pleased as punch to have won the building category in the Sam Driver […]

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