Bronica SQ-A

5 Frames With a Bronica SQ-A – By Jon Broughton

With my finger poised over the ‘buy it now button’ and the endorphins of a soon to be satiated GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) attack pulsing through my body, I heard the fatal words of my 12 year old son: “MUM! Dad’s buying another camera. This time it’s £1,600!”

With the helpful assistance of my wife’s calm reasoning, I managed to reassess my need for a Hasselblad, and closed down my computer with a sigh.

This story had started about 18 months earlier, or to be more precise, about 35 years earlier. I started out in the mid 80’s shooting viewfinder cameras, and saved up my pocket money for a Praktica MTL3 which served me well for years. However I got caught up in the digital revolution and after some poorly developed negatives spoiled my photos from a trip to the Grand Canyon in around 2002, I switched to the dark side.