Author name: Jordi Fradera

Jena BM 80mm f/2.8 – Fixed and Adapted to a Sony for Shooting Beautiful Roses – By Jordi Fradera

This is a new adventure with a Jena BM 80mm f/2.8 lens that belongs to the Praktisix. This is a lens that my friend Carles has loaned to me. The camera that has already done its work in his family and was not at its best, and neither was the lens.

Although the camera was apparently in good condition it exhibited the typical excessively dry/viscous greasing phenomenon and the textile shutter curtain failed frequently, so I decided to park it and focus on the lens.

In the first examinations of the Jena BM 80mm f/2.8 lens I saw that the focus ring was blocked and the plastic ring of the same was cracked. There was no choice but to disassemble it to regain its functionality. It resisted longer than expected, perhaps the blows of many years had deformed it. The front ring with the characteristic marks seemed glued but finally gave way at my insistence.

SEM-KIM (1947) – An Amazing Old Camera Shot in B&W and Color – by Jordi Fradera

My neighbor Alvar has loaned me another camera to write an article about, in this case the camera was used by his father for years, I appreciate the trust he has had in me.

The device has piqued my curiosity and I have investigated it thoroughly. The 1947 SEM-KIM, manufactured in France by Société des Établissements Modernes de Mécanique (St, Etienne) which was even dedicated to the manufacture of weapons, was a popular camera with various levels of performance.

Leicaflex SL

Leicaflex SL – Walks in Barcelona – By Jordi Fradera

Once again my neighbor has loaned me a camera, in this case a Leicaflex SL that he bought second-hand in the 90’s for about 200 EUR and subsequently used for several years. In loaning me this camera, Alvar has given me the opportunity to try it as well as writing a new article for 35mmc, and for that I am really appreciative.

Lights in the Darkness – My Low Light Film Photography 1957-2002 – By Jordi Fradera

I find the night and the darkness are magical to photograph. When I’ve taken analogue photos in lower light, I have always been doubtful about the result, but that adds emotion to the process. 

Since I started photographing as an amateur, one of my objectives was night photography but I did not know its difficulty and techniques. In 1957-1958, together with my friend Enrique, we did several “night safaris” in order to photograph the night in Barcelona. A Contaflex, a Leica IIIf, a Leica M3 and a 1940s tripod seemed enough for the adventure. Then, at Enrique’s house, we developed the Kodak Plus X – 21 DIN and made the copies on paper, rarely the result was the desired, but achieving an image made us happy.

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