Author name: Linda Terstad

5 frames with a Konica Auto S3 (And a tiny bit of a Tbilisi travelogue) – By Linda Terstad

Oh, the sweet joy and mild anguish of packing cameras for a trip when you used to have GAS and therefore now have something of a collection. I quite enjoy it, but I do spend a sometimes-embarrassing amount of time thinking about what camera (and film) to bring on a certain trip. There really is no perfect camera to me, rather, I appreciate different things about different cameras – and would happily cherry-pick their best features and make my own imaginary super-camera. A girl can dream. But surely anything over 3 cameras is a bit over the top for one week in Tbilisi? To me, it is. I even like the idea of owning and using only one camera, but I guess that’s just not me.

5 frames with a Canon Prima AS-1 – By Linda Terstad

Over the Christmas holidays, I was pleasantly surprised to receive some old 35mm films from my aunt. Expired, but she had kept them in the fridge like a pro. There was some (lower ISO) Superia, then some Swedish or Norwegian budget brand that doesn’t exist anymore, and one black and white roll, Kodak Plus-x 125 Pro. I hadn’t shot true black and white for over a decade, when I was a teenager on an exchange year in England, having access to a darkroom at school (what beautiful times). Then last year I shot two or three rolls of (the “non-true” black and white) Ilford XP-2 Super 400, but me and that film don’t seem to like each other at all.

5 frames with a Minolta Weathermatic 35 and Portra 400 – By Linda Terstad

The one that’s not really your type but still you got chemistry – that sort of sums up my feelings for the Minolta Weathermatic 35DL. On paper, most things are wrong for me with this bright bulky 80s thing. I like small cameras. Preferably black, and with some control. Preferably aperture and iso settings, but at the very least flash on or off. The Minolta Weathermatic doesn’t even have that.

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