Author name: marto_35mm

Hi, my name is Martin. I’m a product designer and I’ve been shooting film for the last 12 years. Unlike most of my friends, I started taking pictures on film. Why you ask? Simple, I always like the idea of taking photography as a hobby, but never really took the leap. One day my older brother told me he had taken a film photography course and then showed me the basics. Since I was so interested he even got me my first camera, a Canon A-1. I was instantly hooked. The haptics of old film cameras are something to behold and couldn’t be more different than their digital counterparts.

5 Frames with the Nikon L35AF and Kodak Portra 800 in the german woods – By Martin Holman

After using the Olympus XA3 for street photography, I slowly felt the need for a point & shoot with a faster lens and more precise focus. Don’t get me wrong, zone focusing works great, but it has its limitations. So, I really wanted to try an autofocus point & shoot, with a fast lens that wouldn’t break the bank. Enter the Nikon L35AF.

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