5 Frames With EOS 3 and Kodak P3200 TMAX – By Matthew Harry

So, after reading Hamish’s post about his trials with P3200, I thought I would write about my recent experience with the film. I selected my EOS 3 for the test bed as it’s no different from a modern DSLR and lets me use my current favorite focal length, 40mm. It also has a system called Eye Control built into the viewfinder. This tracks your eye and will focus to where you’re looking. The system is a bit temperamental and in dark conditions it struggles to pick out where you’re looking. I think that’s down to the expansion of your pupil, though I could be wrong. For my lens choice I went with my Canon 40mm f/2.8. I really like this lens as its as sharp as you’ll ever need for film this grainy and is small enough to not upset the weight distribution.