Author name: Nick

Nick is a photographer and art director based in the UK. He uses a Nikon F3 for film and a Nikon Z7 for digital.

Ricoh GR Mini Review – On The Road – Morocco by Motorcycle – by Nick Holt

I bring my motorbike to a halt by a crooked road sign where the rest of the group are waiting. A Moroccan man leans against a pillar with a bag at his feet – the symmetry appeals – I take my Ricoh GR from my jacket pocket – click. As I glance at the image on the back of the camera, the group takes off down the road. I hastily pocket the camera and follow.

5 Frames with a Leica M4-P on a Whisky Pilgrimage – By Nick Holt

Leica and film. Two words that seem to be forever linked in my mind. After playing around with a Leica Monochrom digital for a while it was inevitable that I would end up trying out a Leica film camera. After hours of pondering I decided to go for an M4-P body and a 1976 Summicron 35mm lens. My thinking was that I would save a bit of money by going with a meterless camera body and spend the majority of the cash on a vintage Summicron lens. I admit there was some trepidation in going meterless but I reasoned that it would help me build up more awareness of lighting conditions and add to the magic.

Finding my way in photography Part 2 – My first steps shooting film – Guest Post by Nick Holt

In my first post I took a look back at a couple of years snapping away with my Ricoh GR digital camera. I submitted that post to 35mmc as it was around the time I had decided to scratch my itch for a film camera. I had recently pushed the button on a Hasselblad Xpan …

Finding my way in photography Part 2 – My first steps shooting film – Guest Post by Nick Holt Read More

Finding my way in photography – part 1 – by Nick Holt

I defected from digital three days ago with the purchase of my first film camera; a Hasselblad Xpan. My decision to move to film was arrived at slowly, although reading some of the posts on 35mmc in the last few weeks might have given me the final push I needed. So in return, I decided that I would like to contribute and get involved as I have much to learn.

I am halfway through my first roll of film as I write this, so this is something of an ode to my first two years in photography and explains why I felt the need to switch to film. This post contains digital photography. But if that doesn’t put you off then please read on!

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