Robert Gulley

Retired Professor, retired Minister, and Caretaker of my wife who has Multiple Sclerosis. I started in photography in my teens, and worked professionally for around 10 years. Entered into the photolab business for about 20 years, and was working in digital image restoration before most folks knew what that was! I have written for a number of magazines and online blogs, doing my own photography as needed, but left personal photography behind many years ago. In 2017 I bought a new camera to explore astrophotography, never expecting to fall in love with photography again, but photography has a way of getting into one's soul, and so it was for me. Now I enjoy digital and especially film photography in small, medium, and large formats as time allows. Because film cameras are still relatively inexpensive, I now have cameras I could only dream about when I was young. Life is good!

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20 March, 2024

Nikon F4 Review – A Design Revolution

By Robert Gulley

Some cameras are ergonomic and have a continuity of style with other cameras in a given system. This has been true basically since the beginning of mass-produced cameras of almo...