Author name: Parallax Photographic

We are Parallax Photographic. We sell film, paper, chemistry and everything else you need if you’re shooting film. The four of us; Alice, Frank, Sam and Sol, set up Parallax in 2016 with the intention support the use of film, and love of photography, into the future. You can come and visit our shop in Brixton, to browse, buy things or just have a chat.

Tetenal Colortec C-41 Kit

Tetenal Colortec C-41 Developing Kit – By Parallax Photographic

Pretty much every person we meet has been told somewhere that developing black-and-white film at home is reasonable, but that developing colour film is just too tricky. But this is a myth. Developing your own colour film at home is not only completely possible, it is fun and arguably more straightforward than black-and-white.

Paterson Universal Developing Tank – by Parallax Photographic

So you have decided to start developing your film. We help a lot of people get set up to process their film at home. It is a good choice – it’s surprisingly simple and can save you huge amounts of money compared to a lab service. You also get the added benefit of handling your film from start to finish, which means you learn a lot more, and you know how it’s done.

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