Paul Quellin

Very keen photographer in the 1980s, then there was a gap. Came back to find digital and gradually embraced it. A hankering for film persisted though and eventually a hybrid photographer has emerged. Lots of work I need to do on digital, but the feel of film cameras and the anticipation of the results is special to me. Can't stop buying old film cameras. My output is quite varied and whilst film is slowing me down a bit, I would always rather push that shutter button and take a chance than leave it for a better day.

Paul Quellin's Posts

16 May, 2024

Park Life with a Ihagee Exa 1A

By Paul Quellin

At a brisk walk, the local park is about 4 minutes from the front door of the house. That helps with the need to escape. A job once enjoyable, has become so entangled in a growi...

26 March, 2024

Found Out – A one shot story

By Paul Quellin

The year before, the health service had offered free Covid and Flu jabs for folk of a certain age and becoming more aware of the advancing years I had availed myself. Come the s...

4 March, 2024

Agilux Agifold – Buying British

By Paul Quellin

Taking stock of my collection one day I realised that there were no cameras that I really wanted to go out and use, which were not German or Japanese. Time try a lovingly crafte...

10 October, 2023

Mamiya C220 – The TLR Itch

By Paul Quellin

More than a little while ago as a young photographer, I aspired to turn professional, even starting a sort of apprenticeship with a wedding photographer. I had graduated onto a ...