Author name: Phil Harrison

Phil spent 25 years as a professional photographer after leaving Photographic College in the mid 1970’s. In his early years, he worked as a medical photographer, based in a hospital in the north of the UK and later came upon a change of direction to industrial photography and film/TV production. In the late 90’s Phil gave up professional photography and trained as a Train Guard, retiring a few years ago. He mainly uses "standard" lenses (50mm/80mm/150mm depending on format) with his film cameras, having given up digital cameras entirely. He doesn't specialise with his photography, enjoying photographing anything that appeals.

5 Frames with a Leica 35mm f2.4 Summarit-M, Leica M6 and Fuji Pro400H at EI400 – by Phil Harrison

I recently wrote a 5 Frames piece about the Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 C Biogon T* ZM, extolling its virtues. Shortly afterward I suddenly decided I wanted a Leica 35mm lens on my M6! No logic in the decision at all. The only modern Leica lens I could possibly afford was a used Summarit-M, this model is from Leica’s “cheapest” range of lenses, however, it is not a budget lens and is built to the same high standards as the rest of the Leica ranges of lenses. These Summarit-M’s are quite rare as used items but luckily my local shop had a minter in stock. After what I thought was a positive deal part-exing my Zeiss, I was the new owner of this lens.

5 Frames of Canal Life with a Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 C Biogon T* ZM, Leica M6 and Fuji PRO400H – by Phil Harrison

I bought the Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 C Biogon T* ZM over a year ago and had only put two rolls through the M6 in the last year. I went Yashicamat happy most of 2020. So it was a great relief to get out of the house and put a roll of the extinct Fuji PRO400H through the M6 in the last month. I’m very fond of this Zeiss lens, I had one on my M9 then M240 but it went when I sold all my digital gear for film gear.

5 Frames with a Yachica-Mat – by Phil Harrison

I have a personal interest in the Yashica-Mat. Having set off in 1972 to West Bromwich Photographic College with only a Zenith B and realising something better was required, I part-exed the Zenith at a camera shop in Wilmslow for a used Yashica-Mat. They were still in production in 1972. I think the shop was called Laughtons and I believe I was assisted in the purchase by my family. This camera did sterling work at college, then later when working at a hospital, for doctors and nurses weddings.

Behind the scenes at the East Lancashire Railway – By Phil Harrison

I help as a guide in running members’ tours around the East Lancashire Railway, a large heritage railway based in Bury, near Manchester. These monthly tours are well attended. On the last tour this year I was able to take the Leica M6 and 7Artisans 35mm f2 lens along with me in an attempt to get some monochrome pictures, whilst also keeping an eye on the tour members, who have a tendency to wander ‘off piste’.

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