Tony Warren

In my 60 or so years of serious involvement in photography I have seen the demise of the viewfinder, the rise of the SLR and the eclipse of them all with the meteoric development of the digital camera. Through it all, however, and above all else, the image is what it is all about so I now use film alongside digital. Whatever is the most appropriate or practical. My contributions will hopefully be useful for anyone interested in using film and also how a died-in-the-wool antique like me is continuing his life-long addiction in the digital age, using both platforms. The major benefit of an extended retirement is that I can spend most of my time nowadays with photography and writing about it.

Tony Warren's Posts

5 July, 2024

Pentax Auto 110 – My First Experiences

By Tony Warren

This subminGAS is a dangerous thing! I was recently tempted by a Pentax Auto 110, being sold locally for not much more than ‘spares or repair” money and described ...

14 June, 2024

Adox CMS 20 II Pro – My First Roll

By Tony Warren

Adox describe their CMS 20II Pro film as “an orthopanchromatic and ultra-high resolution film based on silver halide material” and “the highest resolution, ...

11 June, 2024

What does it take to be a Photographer?

By Tony Warren

In photography’s infancy, the mark of a photographer was black fingers from contact with the chemicals used (and probably a pale complexion). In the later 20th century, a...

3 June, 2024

My Homemade 6×12 Format Camera.

By Tony Warren

I have been prompted by some of the comments received on my recent One Shot Story to pull up an article about the camera I used and some of my results from it. I had put it asid...