Author name: PhilStefans

Photographer from Newcastle, Australia. Mostly 35mm film, mostly natural light.

Fuji C200 Review – A short note on my Enduring Love for this film – By Phil Stefans

OK yes it’s cheap. Fuji C200 is one of the cheapest 35mm colour films on the market. But if Portra 400 was the same price as C200, I’d still pick the Fuji most of the time. I’m not a Portra 400 hater, and I don’t want to bag it. It’s an incredible film. Beautiful soft colours, very low grain, bucketloads of dynamic range. It’s a tick in almost every box.

Canon Demi EE17

Canon Demi EE17 Review – A Surprisingly Good Half Frame Camera – By Phil Stefans

I had been looking for a cheap 35mm camera that could be used manually without batteries, and manual ISO selection was a must. Selenium meters would not be tolerated either, and it had to be good looking, reasonably priced and take decent photos. After a bit of web research and ebay browsing, I decided to take a chance on a half frame camera. After perusing the range of those available, I settled on a Canon Demi EE17. I quickly found one in Japan on ebay for $60 US. Yet another camera to add to the collection.

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