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Pro Mist Filters

Tiffen Black Pro Mist Filter (1/8), on Digital & MF film – by Pierre-Alix Favillier

I always look forward to seeing 35mmc articles popping into my inbox on a daily basis and read most of them avidly. I also listen to podcasts, read about lenses, watch YouTube videos, and love experimenting with photography. Why do I do that? I guess because a little bit like Hamish, I enjoy the process of photography almost as much as I enjoy the results. That way when I get a keeper, it’s an even better feeling, because I’ve also enjoyed sourcing and choosing the camera, a focal length, the emulsion and finally thought about how I would expose my shot before I released that shutter.

Reflections on the Covid-19 pandemic, through a single roll of film – by Pierre-Alix Favillier

As we finally emerge from one of the most difficult period of our recent lives, I finally got the single roll of film that I managed to shoot in those 3 months processed and what I saw genuinely shocked me.

The following pictures were all shot on a single roll of fuji pro 400h, with a Rollei 35s, on a single day in the middle of the lockdown period around Kew and Richmond, just outside of London.

Shooting Snowdon with a Fuji x100F – by Pierre-Alix Favillier

My wife and I recently had the opportunity to walk to the summit of Snowdon. It was late April; the weather was “comme-ci comme-ca” and my biggest worry wasn’t which route or how many layers to take, but which camera and what focal length was the most appropriate for the day ahead.Although I was originally tempted to take my beloved Nikon FM3a, and a fresh roll of Ektachrome, I for once opted for a lighter digital alternative in the form of a Fuji x100F; in light of the “changeable” weather that was predicted and the flexibility of an ISO dial which I could not get on my Nikon.

5 frames with a Rollei 35SE – By Pierre-Alix Favillier

After using a DSLR for years I listened to an old friend of mine and spent £221 of my hard earned cash on a beautiful mint Rollei 35 SE which I bought from a German camera shop through ebay. What I liked the most about it is its tiny size, reputation for a stunningly sharp lens (Sonnar 40mm f/2.8) and minimalist look and feel. I also liked the idea of owning a camera that was older than I was, it felt like I was holding a piece of photographic history when I opened the parcel.

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