Author name: Sam Larson

Olympus XA2_Fuji Superia 400

5 Frames with an Olympus XA2 and Fuji Superia 400 – By Sam Larson

We’ve all heard stories of free cameras, the one found at the back of the closet and salvaged from neglect. It makes sense. At one point almost every family had a low-end 35mm point-and-shoot, if not a couple, and many families had an SLR or something similar. Given that cameras were so common for so long it only makes sense that there would be a few forgotten somewhere, especially after budget photography made such a hard swerve into digital. Maybe, I thought one afternoon, there’s room in my life for an adopted camera.

Olympus OM-10

5 Frames with an Olympus OM-10 and Ilford HP5 Plus – By Sam Larson

My Olympus OM-10 was a mistake. I hadn’t owned an SLR since I claimed my dad’s OM-2 for a high school photography class. I’d bought an Olympus 35RC a couple months prior and loved the form factor and quirky rangefinder vibe, but I wanted something more authoritative, with options for different lenses and the sharp-sounding smack of a mirror. Since that old OM-2 went to the great scrap heap in the sky at the hands of a sibling I found myself searching Ebay.

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