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The Asahi Pentax 6x7

Asahi Pentax 6×7 and my Four Points Project – By Rick Davy

After recently acquiring my Pentax 6×7, I already had a pre-planned road trip in place so it was inevitable that I’d take it along with me to give it a full on road test. I had 4 days in total to shoot, and here’s how it all went.

Firstly, in relation to my other medium format camera, my Hasselblad 500CM, the Pentax 6×7 is a massive beast and boy does it weight something. 2.6kilos in fact. If I’m honest, the weight never really posed an issue for me – but shooting all day with it might be a little more challenging I guess.

Disposable camera

Disposable Cameras Review – Cheap, Fun, and Dependable – by Rick Davy

More recently I’ve started to come across disposable cameras whilst searching the car boats and charity shops of the world for film related stuff. The more I found and bought, the more I thought about how I could transfer my establish skills as a photographer into a project that involved them. In fact, I soon began to just carry one with me where and whenever I went out shoot. They might be simple but their results can be quite rewarding!

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