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Film shooter and self taught photography enthusiast recovering from addiction to G.A.S.

Minolta TC-1 – On Loan and in Love – By Robert

A little while ago during the summer I organised a Beers and Cameras Photowalk through the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. It was a really nice walk with a beautiful bunch of people, all carrying a diverse range of gear. There were the ubiquitous FujiFilm rangefinders, some SLRs and a wide range of compacts. All pretty interesting in their own way but Isa stole the show with his massive Pentax 67.

5 Frames with Portra 800 in a Rain Soaked Minolta Dynax 5 – By Robert

First time for everything. Months ago a box arrived from Analogue Wonderland. Inside said box were a number of films. One of which was a 36 exposure roll of Kodak Portra 800.

I had never shot it before and had no idea what to expect. I used the hashtag in Flickr and Instagram and saw a lot of low light portraits illuminated with some street lighting or neon lit windows for background.

Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 120ED

Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 120ED – A One Roll (of Tri-X) Review – By Robert

First things first. I really like the look of this little camera. It’s a lovely little unit in a tasteful shade of champagne with gold accents. Do you remember when cool consumer goods came in champagne? Microwave ovens, amplifiers, tuners, er… that’s probably it.

The camera switches on when you open the clamshell which is useful. It protects the lens and is less fiddly than using a button and much more definite. A lot of its contemporaries from the early 2000s had clamshells like the classic Olympus Mju series, the Olympus AF Twins, one or two of the Pentax Espios and some Canon Sure Shots. I like cameras with clamshells, as I can be less precious about them and just drop them into a camera bag with other cameras or accessories or put one in a pocket without the cases they come with.

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