Author name: Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson is a World Traveler, Outdoors Adventurer, Research Scientist and Photographer. Kate’s preferred subjects are: Landscapes and Architecture. She makes silver prints in her own home darkroom. Following a move to Colorado, Kathleen is again submitting her work to galleries and competitions, and is a frequent contributor to @EMULSIVEfilm online journal. Other Creative interests include: Gardening and Singing Spirituals and Classical Choral Master Works. She studies voice and is a member of the Boulder Sing Along Messiah Chorus and participates in Special Choral Performances.

Kodak Jiffy VP Art Deco Camera – My Pre-1940’s Camera Project – By Kate Johnson

The Kodak Jiffy VP Art Deco Model, was produced during the main Art Deco Period, between  1935-1942.    It was designed by Walter Dorwin Teague, a prominent Art Deco designer of the time.  I do not know the exact date of my Camera.   But it came with the Original Box (see Grand Unboxing Here).  The Link at the beginning has a fairly comprehensive description of the camera.

5 Frames with (Early Version 24 exp) DubbleFilm BubbleGum and my Minolta X-700 – by Kate Johnson

It is amazing to me that lately many experimental and special effects films have been passing through my life. It started with my ‘Secret Santa’ in December 2019.   But then I started to notice that I must be buying experimental films, because more often than not my one of my Minolta X-700s would be loaded with a special film. Today’s film that I am sharing with you is the early version of BubbleGum from DubbleFilm.

Minolta XD-11

5 Frames in My Garden with a Minolta XD-11 and Ilford HP5 ISO 400 – by Kate Johnson

This series of B&W flowers helped me to discover the beauty of Ilford HP5. Everyone raved about it, but I seemed to be missing the point. However, recently I was ‘forced’ to use HP5 on a recent extended stay in Phoenix, Arizona. Wanted to do some 35 mm photography and didn’t have time to place a film  order. The only B&W film I had on hand was HP5. Usually I lean towards the higher contrast T-MAX, but I grabbed the 5 rolls HP5 that I had on hand and headed out.

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