Author name: ian patton

Nikon F

5 Frames with a Nikon F and Kodak Tri-X – By Ian Patton

My first SLR was a Konica, but that was back in the dark ages – my dream was always a Nikon F. Back in the 60’s it was the camera, even the fashion guys were using them. One sunny Saturday morning, having just received my first salary cheque from my first proper job, I found myself in upper Tottenham Court Road in central London entering the hallowed ground of the Fox Talbot Nikon store.

5 Frames in Porto with 1927 Leica 1A & Kodak Tri-X – By Ian Patton

A touch of cabin fever, or perhaps just frustration, I wander through some images of last year and pause to recollect a short break in Porto. It was an opportunity for a cheap flight to a city and indeed a country on my bucket list, but long ignored. We arrived late Thursday evening and stayed in a city centre Airbnb. If you discount my wife having her handbag stolen within an hour of arrival, the city is a wonderful location for a short break and has everything a photographer could wish for.

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