Author name: Srini

Rediscovering my love for photography by being more thoughtful about what I shoot. I don't take sides, and shoot both digital and film. Photography is just a visual outlet for creative exploration and creating content to reminisce. Follow me on Instagram for a rolling feed of my work:

Cathedral Cove @Anacapa Islands

5 frames on the Anacapa Islands with the Nikon FM2 – By Srinidhi Aithal

During one of the longish weekends late 2019, we made an impromptu drive down to Santa Barbara. The plan was to rest the night, and then drive onwards to Oxnard to reach the Channel Islands. I decided to just grab my trusty old Nikon FM2 with a couple of rolls of Kodak Gold 200 film, and relied completely on the iPhone for all things digital. The 5-6 hour drive was uneventful, save for the beautiful sunset. We got off the freeway to take some pictures.

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