Author name: Sacha Cloutier

Amateur photographer, mostly self-taught. Started back in the days of film but turned to the digital. Trying to make my film comeback and trying all matter of camera to get there.

Canon Canonet QL19 GIII

5 Frames with a Canon Canonet QL19 GIII and Cinestill 50D in Ilfosol 3 – by Sacha Cloutier

In my quest for the ideal kit, or collection, I have tried to narrow down the camera’s that I really want to try. It’s the hope that I can get my purchases under control. I don’t think it’s working. At least I am getting fun cameras out of this. I started this adventure at the beginning of May when I bought a box of cameras. The goal to try as many cameras as I can with a consistent turnaround in stock. I have yet to get rid of a camera since then.

Yashica Electro 35GT

5 Frames with my Yashica Electro 35 GT – The Trials and Tribulations – by Sacha Cloutier

When I first asked Hamish if I could submit an article, I had just purchased a box of used cameras on Facebook Marketplace. I knew that I wanted to review some of the cameras I had purchased by running a roll of film through as many of them as I could. My first victim was to be the Argus B. I was super excited and shot my roll through it. Recently I received the film back and nothing came out. The camera is an 80 year old forgotten camera so it will stay on display but not much else.

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