Author name: Theo Swinscow

An Englishman in France. Photography is my all-consuming hobby. I take pictures - mostly film, but also digital - of everything around me, but mainly of my family.

book and lamp on table

Entering Solitude, or helping myself publish with a #FullRollFriday post – By Theo Swinscow

I’ve realised recently that I don’t share my photos enough. I show pictures of my daughter to my family, but other than that, I have basically no audience. Almost all my spare time is related to photography: taking pictures, developing film, scanning film, editing, listening to podcasts, reading books & articles. But this all happens inside a vacuum, a bubble that I’ve created for myself. Though part of me agrees with Hamish’s idea that the process is as important as the results, that I could potentially take pictures without ever really seeing them, I’ve recently come to see the whole thing as being pointless if I don’t show them to people.

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