Author name: Tiffany Perez

I am a data analyst and amateur photographer in Southern California. I am coming back into photography and have just started to post my photos on the internet in 2018. I am looking to learn more about photography and myself. I use photography as a sort of therapy. When I am taking photos, I am in a state of peace.

5 Frames with a Nikkor 50mm F1.4 on the Olympus Pen-FT – By Tiffany Perez

If you have read any of my other posts to this site, I am a big advocate of stretching outside your comfort zone. Most of the time this involves trying out new film stocks (which I still and always will encourage). This can also be achieved by trying different cameras or different formats. This option usually leads to a severe case of G.A.S., Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I, like most photographers, am a victim of G.A.S. But the trouble comes when you have so much to choose from that you have a hard time making a decision.

5 Frames on the Angels 5K with the Olympus XA – by Tiffany Perez

Welcome to another 5 Frames with the Running Olympus!… Okay so this is only the second one but still. Baby steps. If you haven’t seen my first Running Olympus post, you can see that here. It is a personal project for me where I bring my Olympus XA on races with me (I am also looking to bring my Olympus Infinity Stylus on a race or two in the future so stay tuned for that!). I do this in the hopes of capturing unique things along the route of the race rather than just the views you can get on the sidelines.

5 Frames with Ilford Pan F on the Olympus XA – by Tiffany Perez

Some people are color shooters, others are black and white shooters. Then you have that part of the Venn diagram that has both color and black and white shooters. Most people favor one or the other. I am personally a color shooter. The only way I can describe it is that I “see” in color. And I don’t mean that I am not color blind. Rather that I am attracted to color and that is what I usually shoot. Others can “see” in black and white. They are attracted to light or the lack of light in certain scenes. It is hard for me to see in this way but I know that there should be a balance in my shooting.

5 Frames with Kodak Ektar, My Dream Film, on the Nikon F3 – by Tiffany Perez

I am not one plagued by Gear Aquisition Syndrome (aka G.A.S.) per se since I have some solid cameras in my arsenal that I am happy with. What I have been in search of is the ideal film stock that I would feel nothing but joy while shooting it. While in search for this film …

5 Frames with Kodak Ektar, My Dream Film, on the Nikon F3 – by Tiffany Perez Read More

5/10 Frames with my Olympus Pen-FT (Sophie) in the Poppy Fields – by Tiffany Perez

When I returned to analog photography, I followed several Instagram pages, websites, and Youtube channels to learn and see what I had missed in the days that I had been gone. From the Youtube pages of Matt Day and KingJvpes and of course the websites like 35mmc, Japan Camera Hunter and Casual Photophile. (Side note: if you don’t know who any of these people are or don’t follow them, I suggest you do cause it is just fun to see the different takes on photography and film. Just like here! *smiles*)

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