Author name: Tim Wainwright

Olympus OM1 & Ilford HP5

5 Frames with an Olympus OM1, a roll of HP5 and a Bridge

I have a few film cameras that all mean something emotional to me (my Olympus XA2 I won in a photographic competition aged 12, my OM1 was my only camera for about 20 years until I added my Minolta Autocord, the Nikon F801 is a copy of one I took travelling around the world and I look after my Dad’s Nikon FE that he bought when I was a nipper) but I don’t use them anywhere near as much as I should, not least because I love my digital camera (Fuji XE3) with it’s perfect blend of retro feel, image quality, size and convenience. 

With this in mind I have been looking for excuses to use my film cameras and all the lovely rolls of Ilford HP5 I have bought over the last year or so. Hence I have come up with a project to photograph some of the bridges over the River Thames near to where I live using a maximum of one roll for one day’s shooting.

An abandoned fishing boat at Dungeness, Kent

How do I put myself ‘out there’? – The next steps for an introverted photographer – By Tim Wainwright

Each year I refuse to participate in the game of sharing new year’s resolutions. Every year I refuse to make resolutions. I understand however, that for many people they are an important start to the year and new years resolutions offer a chance to at least pretend for a little while that this year will be better than the last even if just by wishing it so.

I do agree, however, that January is a fine time to ponder a few issues as one sits on a comfy sofa on a freezing and rainy Sunday afternoon, broke and waiting for the next pay day.

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