Author name: Teit Joergensen

Greenlandic Moments

Another Greenland. Most photographs from Greenland are showing the nature, icebergs, dog sledges etc. Seldom you see photos of the habitants and their lifes. In 1972, Per Kirkeby and Aqqaluk Lynge as directors, Peter Sakse as sound engineer and myself as cinematographer shot the documentary feature film “When the Authorities Said Stop”, about the closure …

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A Memory of a Visit to a Lacandon Family – by Teit Joergensen

I participated with danish artist Per Kirkeby and danish writer Ib Michael in the expedition The Old Maya in 1971. A journey where we explored the ancient Mayan culture in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, at a time when it was time to travel to Afghanistan and Nepal, and which resulted in the book Mayalandet and …

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Street Photography in Copenhagen in the 1960s – By Teit Joergensen

My uncle had a Leica and this got me interested in photography.

My parents had Family of Man by Edward Steichen which I studied intensively. When I was 11-12 years old I got an Agfa Click, a 6×6 plastic camera and I clearly remember the first photographs I shot were of swans. When I was 14 I got a job as a piccolo in a nearby hotel during my school vacation. I made earned enough that I could afford a Zenith, the Russian SLR camera and an Opemus enlarger which I put on my desk – I never did school homework anyway –  now I was up and running.

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