Author name: TobyVPhoto

I am a commercial photographer and educator. Personal projects include classic 35mm and MF cameras, digital infrared, cyanotypes, pinhole camera building, book binding, sprocket holes, redscale. I did shoot a Leica once.

Zenit TTL and it's victim.

5 Frames with a Zenit TTL on the top of a Welsh Valley in -5 Degrees C – By Toby Van De Velde

I bought a job lot of cameras well over a year ago. Long before COVID19 was even a thing. I was mostly interested in the FD mount lenses to use with my Canon AT-1, and, to be honest, most of the glass had fungus issues so I just chucked the whole lot into the back of my camera cupboard and forgot all about it.

Just recently, after hearing about the Crappy Commie Camera Party on Twitter, I dragged the box back out again and decided that I’d have a go shooting the Zenit TTL and Helios-44M f2 58mm lens that had been a part of the bargain. I had heard ‘Bad Things’ about these cameras, and decided to see what the fuss was about.

Redeye Redscale – New Boutique Film Available Now – By Toby Van De Velde

The idea of creating Redeye Redscale came about after several years of shooting redscale photography by respooling my own rolls. I have always enjoyed the experimental side of this technique. Never knowing quite what the results will be is a large part of the fun, and the wide range of colours you can achieve – from the deep contrasty reds and blacks to the vintage feel of the yellows and greens – have always appealed to me.

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