Redeye Redscale – New Boutique Film Available Now – By Toby Van De Velde

The idea of creating Redeye Redscale came about after several years of shooting redscale photography by respooling my own rolls. I have always enjoyed the experimental side of this technique. Never knowing quite what the results will be is a large part of the fun, and the wide range of colours you can achieve – from the deep contrasty reds and blacks to the vintage feel of the yellows and greens – have always appealed to me.

Over the years I have had a lot of positive response to my Redscale work after posting my results on Insta, Twitter and Flickr. I have had a lot of conversations with interested people who liked the look but didn’t feel confident about making their own rolls, or didn’t have a light proof space to do it in.

There are commercially available redscale brands already on the market, but the majority of these have not been in stock for the last year, and I was sure that I could fulfil a demand being made by experimental photographers who wanted to shoot with this technique.

Thus, Redeye Redscale was born. I spent a large part of Lockdown 2020 sourcing stock, designing the branding, shooting example images, and slowly building up interest with a soft start I carried out through Insta, Twitter and Flickr.

Cygnet in a Flap.
Cygnet in a Flap.
Red Alley.
Red Alley.
The Darkest Bridge.
The Darkest Bridge.
Pathway to a Lone Tree.
Pathway to a Lone Tree.

I asked people in the analogue photographic community whose work I admired and respected to Beta test for me, and sent a few Beta rolls off to people who approached me asking about the film as well.The response from my testers was good, and their images were well received.

I had some absolutely fantastic images created by my Beta testers. Thank you to you all.

The ground was laid and I set up my shop, which went live Monday 15.02.2021. The launch was a busy evening. The analogue film community has always been a supportive and friendly group, and that night I really felt the love as friends and strangers both helped to spread the news of the new film on the block.

Urban Lines.
Urban Lines.
Transgress the Line!
Transgress the Line!

I intend to keep up the momentum started that night. I have new rolls that I have shot this week off to my usual lab, Silverpan, and with orders being placed on the night I anticipate customer images to come soon.

Redeye Redscale is available from my Big Cartel shop – and if you have any questions about any aspect of shooting redscale then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Redeye Redscale - The Red Eye

Finally, a massive thank you to House of Hawks for the Red Eye, check him out for more amazing illustrations.

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About The Author

10 thoughts on “Redeye Redscale – New Boutique Film Available Now – By Toby Van De Velde”

  1. Great post and best of luck to you burgeoning business! I have never shot in redscale as I am partially colorblind (a curse to someone who loves photography and saturation). I can see red but suffer in shades. This has led me to having issues color balancing pictures in Lightroom. It was super nice to see some of the examples that you have as I was able to see great detail in the images. So thank you for sharing and I will add this to my bucket list!

    1. Thank you Sacha, and I am glad you were able to see the details in my photographs.
      Do you find that Redscale gives you a level of visual detail that you don’t see in ‘normal’ colour photography?
      Do you shoot in black and white then? Or persevere with colour balancing despite your issues?
      If ever you want to try Redeye then give me a shout!

      1. I would definitely love to try it! My colorblindness is in hues and shades. So I see color but often struggle if you put two reds next to each other. The same with blues vs purples. If you have ever had an eye exam where they ask you to say the number inside a circle with dots, I fail (the Ishihara test). I still do shoot color and I still find it appealing. I used a lot of auto settings for color and hue. I have learned accept and embrace it. It has also made me appreciate film photography. My choices in film are impacted by what appeals to my eye with my process.
        That is why I was amazed to see that I could easily read most images, more specifically the ones that were lighter. I would guess that I would fair better with being overexposed by a stop.

  2. Very interesting, Toby! Great endeavour! How does it compare to the red scale film from Lomo? The specs seems to be quite similar.

  3. Unfortunately, not yet. But it is on my list for some time. Though your „indi styled“ Redeye Redscale looks a bit more appealing to me.

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