Help! I like Dirty Pictures! – By Alex Kreisman

Yes I do! But maybe not in the way you might think! A couple of years ago, I had the chance to post an essay on one of my visits to an extermination camp in these very pages. I reviewed the article today and am blessed to find new comments that are heartwarming. I thank all of the people who actually took the time the post a comment. Thank you guys!

Glenfield Station sign

A Commuter’s Travelogue – by Leah de la Cruz

During my daily commute, I realised that I know nothing about the many stations that I pass and don’t alight at. Are the takeaway shops nicer than at my station? Which has a cafe serving the best oat milk latte? Do the vending machines get jammed all the same? With all these questions swimming in my head, I gave myself the very ambitious task of finding out – one station at a time.

Yeti film canister and Nikon

5 Frames (and a Warning) with FPP’s ISO 6 Yeti film in a Nikon SLR – by Clifton Dowell

I bought a 35mm roll of Yeti on the advice of a friend on Flickr but never had a clear idea of how I would use a film rated at ISO 6. I knew it wouldn’t be shot on the fly, of course, because I’d need to carry a tripod and take notes. So my single roll spent a couple months sitting on my desk.

Yeti is a blue-sensitive B&W film, which means it can only “see” the blue part of the spectrum. It is similar to orthochromatic film in that it is only sensitive to part of the visible spectrum, except in this case, the sensitivity is limited to the blue part. Yeti is available from the Film Photography Project and is described on the website as an estar-based, positive motion picture film intended for direct contact copying titles and mats in motion picture work.

5 frames with Zenza Bronica SQ-A in Northern Zealand, Denmark – By Miłosz Cordes

I was born in January in a small town which back then was still communist Poland. The transition to market economy began a year and a half later. It brought a new opening albeit at a high price: the country was shaken, and many people were left to their own devices, unable to cope with the realities of dashing capitalism.

Although my childhood was happy, I recently realised how much I felt the consequences of this change. Contrary to my peers in the West and in large Polish cities, I did not experience material wealth.

Baltimore Oriole caught in a midair hop between feeders

The Jumping Bird (A One-Shot Story) – By Dave Powell

In May 2020, word went out that gangs of Baltimore Orioles had invaded Massachusetts. Fresh citrus is one of the birds’ favorite treats, and as you see, I strung a chunk of mandarin orange out near our hummingbird feeder.

Then, I slapped a Fuji 55-200 zoom on my X-Pro1, mounted it on a tripod in our dining room, screwed a long release cable into the shutter button, manually focused the lens on the fruit, and sat down for a vigil.

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