Ilford Sporti

5 July, 2024

5 Frames with the Ilford Sporti

By Trevor king

I am not sure where or when I had acquired the Ilford Sporti but I discovered it in a box of old photographic equipment that I had amassed over the years. Still encased in its o...

3 July, 2024

How to Shoot Stand-up Paddle Competitions

By Andrea Monti

Shooting Stand-Up paddle is complicated because, like in motor sports, things go on largely even until, all of a sudden action erupts. In other words, boredom is the first and f...

2 July, 2024

Crete, a Welcome – A One Shot Story

By Klaus Döring

In the cool light of the morning the veils of fog lift. In front of the bow, foamy spray drifts across the deck. Like dewdrops, you break the first rays of sunshine with diamond...