One Shot Story

Reconstructed interior, St. Agnes in Agony, Rome, Italy

Fourteen Years in the Making! (A One-Shot Story)

Between 1998 and 2012, Kate and I visited Rome four times. And one of her priorities was always to see the inside of the church of Sant’Agnese in Agone on the Piazza Navona.

Built to a compact Greek-Cross plan, the unusually graceful Baroque building resulted from the work of three important Italian artists: Girolamo Rainaldi, Francesco Borromini, and Gian Lorenzo Bernini (who also designed the giant “Four Rivers Fountain” outside). And Kate wanted to see inside.

Baltimore Oriole caught in a midair hop between feeders

The Jumping Bird (A One-Shot Story) – By Dave Powell

In May 2020, word went out that gangs of Baltimore Orioles had invaded Massachusetts. Fresh citrus is one of the birds’ favorite treats, and as you see, I strung a chunk of mandarin orange out near our hummingbird feeder.

Then, I slapped a Fuji 55-200 zoom on my X-Pro1, mounted it on a tripod in our dining room, screwed a long release cable into the shutter button, manually focused the lens on the fruit, and sat down for a vigil.

Amish horse and buggy sculpture, Mesopotamia Ohio

Mesopotamia, Ohio (A One-Shot Story)

Though I grew up in Ohio, I’d never heard of the town of Mesopotamia. It’s on state routes 87 and 534, near Ohio’s “Mosquito Creek Wilderness” (which I also hadn’t heard of). Nor did I realize that the town is the cultural heart of a thriving Amish community between Cleveland and Pennsylvania. But Kate and I were pleasantly surprised when we stopped there in 2010 on our drive back to Boston after visiting my family.

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