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Buyers’ Guide – Tips for Buying Camera Gear Online – By Ted Ayre

When I was starting out I borrowed a camera from my Grandad, his plastic auto-focus Minolta Dynax 7000i SLR, with a zoom lens. It wasn’t the coolest looking camera, but it definitely gave me confidence to get out there and shoot some more film. Later on my Dad handed me a box of his old 90’s cameras, and I tried a few I liked (and some I didn’t!) but I was lucky to be able to get started with borrowed gear. Before you start looking into buying a camera, if you can, I advise that you try out a friend’s camera and see how you like the experience.

Keks EM-01, V-201X, Hedeco Lime One, Reveni, Voigtlander Vcii and Doomo Meter D

Shoe Mount Light Meters – Which One is Right for You…?

I’ve reviewed a whole load of the new crop of shoe mount light meters recently. I’ve liked something about all (most) of the meters I’ve tried, but trying them in quick succession has also revealed the shortcomings of each of them to me too. As such, I thought it might be useful to make a bit of a comparison article looking at their various pros & cons and who I think each meter is designed for.

Of course, all of this is still opinion, but hopefully it should still provide useful reading for anyone who’s got themselves into a bit of choice paralysis. I know I’d probably be a little confused we’re I trying to pick one and hadn’t had the opportunity I’ve had to play with all of them.

Hunting for Compact Film Cameras – What to Look For / $5 Diamonds – by David Hume

The op-shop $5 compact is very much an endangered species where I live in Australia but it is not yet extinct. In the twilight of its days it may be instructive to look back at what it gave us…

In  recent years my daughters and some of their friends have been furnished with point and shoot cameras found in local op-shops for $5. Sometimes I’d get a text and a photo. “Hey – just saw this for $5. Should I buy it?” Generally the answer would be yes. The ones I didn’t like were given back to the shop so they could be sold again, a couple were kept for me, and the good, working ones were given away to the gang. “Everyone I know has a film camera. Everyone.” Said Issie recently.

Worried about the price of film? Some thoughts on bulk loading (and my process) – By Daniel Sigg

I go through quite a bit of film these days, primarily black and white 35mm and 120. I became interested in loading bulk film onto reloadable 35mm film cassettes. There was an economical argument, but I also was intrigued by the control of the process of loading film onto the spool and learning that part of film photography.I’d like to share some of my experiences and perspective with loading bulk film. And to spoil the answer to the question: is it worth it? It depends. But for me, it has been worth it.

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