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Real Photographers Forum – Help Give the Old Place a Boost!

A fair few years ago now, way before I set up 35mmc, I set up a photography forum by the name of Real Photographers Forum. It’s still going today, so I thought I might draw a bit of attention to it, especially since it’s been a little quiet recently and deserves a little bit of a boost! I also know that a few of our readers here also frequent the DPReview forums, which – including its analogue forum – is being shut down soon. So, if you are a member there, and looking for a new forum home, then maybe RPF is the place for you.

PPP Cameras – Repair & Servicing Review

Buying for life means maintaining for life. This is true of anything; if you want for your leather boots to not dry out and crack, but to live up to their brand reputation as lasting generations then you have to be sure to moisturise and brush them. They won’t do this themselves as part of regular wear, it’s something you need to take responsibility for. Buying for life doesn’t just mean finding the brand that everyone else recommends, it means making sure that product is designed to be rebuilt, accounts for wear and tear, and taking active care, participating in the maintenance rituals in order to ensure that longevity.

Grainery mobile app user interface display image

Grainery – The Story of a New Social App for Film Photographers – By Molly Kate

A new social app has launched, but this one is specifically for film photographers. The user funded app, called Grainery, looks and functions much like Instagram but with features tailored to the analogue community. The best part? No ads.

The developer is Kyle Johnston, a native New Yorker turned Greenville, South Carolina, USA resident and cycle enthusiast.

stand alone icon image that has function

The Attraction of Wet Darkroom Prints – My Experience at Hidden Light LLC – By Floyd K. Takeuchi

For those of us of a certain age, no matter what the photo technology in our hands, we’re thinking of the output in terms of photographic prints, not pixels on a display. In my case, that’s because as bad a darkroom tech as I was in high school in the late 1960s and early 1970s, I was smart enough to know that I needed to think in terms of how my photo would look as a print before I snapped the shutter on my Nikkormat.

Jupiter 3 on a leica m3

Jupiter-3 – Sourcing my Perfect Soviet Lens with a bit of Help From Skyllaney – By Sasha Tsyrlin

My first memory of a camera goes back to my childhood in USSR and me holding my grandfather’s Zorki or FED (I don’t remember which). I remember looking through a Soviet Universal turret “revolver” viewfinder. I really liked rotating it and seeing different image sizes as the viewfinder changed for the different focal lengths. I really don’t remember what lens my grandfather’s camera had, but I imagine it had to be a Jupiter of sorts.

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