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The Negative Space – a Portrait of a Local Film Lab

The last decade and a half have been a rough time for people shooting film, watching Kodak in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, the discontinuation of favorite film stocks, rising prices, and the closing of film labs around the world.  For those shooting motion picture film and particularly small-gauge film, it’s been a bitter struggle.  Thankfully, we …

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One of the Last Technicians in Stockholm – a reportage by Daniel Morales

It was last year while I was on holidays that my trusty old camera stopped working, the journey continued but I was forced to store the camera away and had to wait until I was back in Stockholm to have it fixed. There was only one problem, I knew no one in the city that …

One of the Last Technicians in Stockholm – a reportage by Daniel Morales Read More

Real Photographers Forum – Help Give the Old Place a Boost!

A fair few years ago now, way before I set up 35mmc, I set up a photography forum by the name of Real Photographers Forum. It’s still going today, so I thought I might draw a bit of attention to it, especially since it’s been a little quiet recently and deserves a little bit of a boost! I also know that a few of our readers here also frequent the DPReview forums, which – including its analogue forum – is being shut down soon. So, if you are a member there, and looking for a new forum home, then maybe RPF is the place for you.

PPP Cameras – Repair & Servicing Review

Buying for life means maintaining for life. This is true of anything; if you want for your leather boots to not dry out and crack, but to live up to their brand reputation as lasting generations then you have to be sure to moisturise and brush them. They won’t do this themselves as part of regular wear, it’s something you need to take responsibility for. Buying for life doesn’t just mean finding the brand that everyone else recommends, it means making sure that product is designed to be rebuilt, accounts for wear and tear, and taking active care, participating in the maintenance rituals in order to ensure that longevity.

Grainery mobile app user interface display image

Grainery – The Story of a New Social App for Film Photographers – By Molly Kate

A new social app has launched, but this one is specifically for film photographers. The user funded app, called Grainery, looks and functions much like Instagram but with features tailored to the analogue community. The best part? No ads.

The developer is Kyle Johnston, a native New Yorker turned Greenville, South Carolina, USA resident and cycle enthusiast.

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