Photographic Film Reviews – There is no “best” film. There is also an almost infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to any particular film emulsion. As such, one person’s experiences with one film can differ from the next persons. There is also something in the region of 200 different films on the market today. Below you will find just some experiences of some films.

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Eiffel Tower in the fog at sunrise on black and white film

Ilford Kentmere 120 – A Review in Paris – By Molly Kate

You might have seen the news already, but if not, today is the launch of Ilford’s Kentmere range in medium format. Kentmere 35mm 100 and 400 ISO films have been available under the Ilford umbrella since 2007 as a quality budget option for photographers. Now, the film is being stepped up in size!

Earlier this year, I tested the 35mm format (both 100 ISO and 400 ISO options) for the first time and was duly impressed. A few weeks ago, I also had the opportunity to test out the new Kentmere 100 and 400 films in medium format and can happily say I arrived at a similar conclusion.

Fujichrome 64T II Slide Film Cross-Processed – by Christian Schroeder

Long time no post! Well, it’s been a while since my last article appeared here on 35mmc. And in the meantime? One of the rather uncommon things I tried was cross-processing Tungsten-balanced slide film, namely Fujichrome 64T II. With two rolls of this long-gone stock I explored forests as well as a local cemetery. A quite exciting endeavor that kept me busy in late summer / early autumn – now I’m happy to show you some of the results!

Rollei Infrared 35mm film boxes

Rollei Infrared Film – An Introduction – By Tony Warren

Rollei Infrared is a high speed, panchromatic, monochrome film with sensitivity to visible light which extends into the near infrared (IR). FP4+ film, for example covers from 350nm (nanometres) to just over 650nm whilst Rollei Infrared film reaches just over 800nm from a low reading of closer to 400nm, so a 30% or so increase in the available wavelength.

scarecrow sitting in the sun

Atlanta Film Co Euphoric 100 – A Film Review – By Molly Kate

To recap, Euphoric 100 is Atlanta Film Co’s release of Kodak motion picture colour reversal film we know as Ektachrome. The film was initially discontinued but made a comeback thanks to the power of HBO. In an interview about making Euphoria’s Season 2, Sam Levinson (Writer/Director) said they asked Kodak to remake the film for them. Along with cinematographer Marcell Rév, Sam wanted to use it to achieve a different look from Season 1. However, instead of using the film’s intended E6 development process, Marcell Rév cross-processed it in ECN-2. This was to further differentiate the look of Euphoria Season 2 and became the inspiration for Atlanta Film Co.’s Euphoric 100 release.

The final 17 bulk loaded rolls!

My Last 17 Rolls of Bulk Rolled Polypan F 50 ISO Black & White 35mm Film – by Sina Farhat

Let’s travel back to the beginning of 2014, me and my friend Jonas had a discussion that we wanted some cheap and good film black and white film to shoot. After doing some research we ended up going for a black and white iso 50 called “Polystar Polypan F”, it is a cinema duplication film that doesn’t have an anti-halation layer. Hence, you get a dreamlike glow in your highlights, it is also sensitive to light piping so load the film in the dark!

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