Medium & Large Format

Medium & Large Format Cameras, in simple terms, are cameras that take a larger format of film, or have larger digital sensors than the 35mm cameras otherwise found on this website. Like all types of camera, medium and large format cameras come in all sorts of different types. But, with the majority of content on this website being about 35mm cameras, I decided to lump all medium and large format cameras into one category.

If you like the look of one or another of the cameras reviewed below, you can navigate to similar cameras by following the tag links found at the bottom of the review.

Kodak No 2A folding pocket Brownie camera – An Historic Compact – By Dale Willetts

Compact cameras – or pocket cameras, call them what you will – we all know what that means. We all know what they are, and to a degree what we expect them to look like. Of course, a compact camera from the 60’s or 70’s we would expect to look traditionally along the lines of the Olympus Pen series. Going into the 80’s, still sticking with Olympus, we would expect to see something looking like the Trip 35 or maybe the XA series. Go further forward into the 90’s and noughties and the obvious camera to mention would be the infamous mju-ii and it’s family. All compacts, all from the same manufacturer and all similar in their time to what other companies made (at least in the looks department). 

Zeiss Ikonta 524/2 review – Slow the working down – By Oliver Clarke

I recently discovered this beautiful Ikonta 524/2 in a box at my parents’ house. At first I dismissed it, as I thought it would be too much hassle finding /re-spooling the right film. However, at a second glance, I was delighted to see that this 524/2 model takes 120 film, which is of course easily available. I decided to challenge myself to use the camera and find out if and how it worked. My expectations were not particularly high and I expected at least something to be broken or faulty. Turns out I was very wrong.

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