Underwater/Rugged Cameras

Underwater and rugged camera reviews – These cameras are all designed to be used either underwater, or in more inhospitable places – I always keep one of these cameras in my collection as they are great for taking to the beach.

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Nikonos V – Underwater Film Photography – by Aukje

I can’t remember exactly what triggered the idea to shoot underwater with a film camera first: a mention of the Nikonos camera in my twitter feed, or the painterly effect I got this winter on film with an early morning shot in the fog. But the idea formed, and it stuck. I had never heard of the Nikonos, so I googled it, and found a great looking camera system with interchangeable lenses that is waterproof.

Konica Genba Kontaku 28 WB camera

Konica Genba Kantoku 28WB Review – “The Guv” – by Ray Yee

When I was young, I was given a Tonka toy truck. Sold as being were indestructible, a four year old me took this as a challenge and duly tested this out by placing said truck under my dad’s car. One punctured tyre and slightly bent toy later, I developed a fascinated with ruggedised objects.

And so, when I came across a “Genba Kontaku” (Japanese for site supervisor) camera during a rather my latest Shinjuku Camera Shop Walk in Tokyo, I jumped at the chance to get one.

Canon Sureshot A1 Review – Underwater fun! – by Chris Dodkin

The Canon Sureshot A1 – This is the perfect camera to ride the retro wave, and make a splash at the beach or pool during the summer. It’s a fully automatic 35mm camera – fixed 32mm f/3.5 Lens – Auto ISO, Auto Exposure, Auto Focus It has an active 3-point AiAF system (fixed focus under water), with …

Canon Sureshot A1 Review – Underwater fun! – by Chris Dodkin Read More

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