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Disposable cameras – Reflections on my early use – by Tobias Eriksson

Taking a good or great picture with a single use is really all about composition. Other parameters, like light or contrasts, are in the hands of the lab. Motion blur is often inevitable – since there often is a fixed shutter speed at 1/125th – and the lack of real focus – since that is fixed as well – is only part of the palette of non-features.

Comparing (or not) Oranges and Oranges – Finding my perfect classic Sonnar – PT3

I started down this road with the hope of finding a classic 50mm Sonnar lens that somehow shone out in awesomeness above and beyond any other classic 50mm Sonnar lenses that I might be able to lay my hands on. Now I’ve had time to reflect on the thought process I realise this is quite an unlikely outcome. I’ve chosen such a niche of lenses, that all I’m really intending to compare is oranges with, well, oranges.

Film vs. Digital – An argument against the argument

How dull! Another film vs. Digital argument! Actually, that’s not what this is. Instead, this is intended as an argument against the argument, because seriously, I’m so bored of the argument, I can’t bear it anymore. As much as anything else I just need something to link to when it comes up… This isn’t going …

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