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Film vs. Digital – An argument against the argument

How dull! Another film vs. Digital argument! Actually, that’s not what this is. Instead, this is intended as an argument against the argument, because seriously, I’m so bored of the argument, I can’t bear it anymore. As much as anything else I just need something to link to when it comes up… This isn’t going …

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An insight into my Post Process of colour images shot with the Leica M9 in low light

Almost every time I post some photos taken with my Leica M9 I have people asking me “is this straight out of camera”, or “what post process have you done to these” etc. This seems to be a common question with digital photography, especially with mine. I suppose this comes down to people trying to assess from my images what the camera and lens are responsible for, and what is being achieved in post process. The problem is, it’s a just a bit of a hard question to answer without going into lots of detail…

On this particular occasion, the images in question do give me a bit of an opportunity to talk a bit about a specific part of my low light post process when it comes to files out of the Leica M9 – so I thought I’d take the opportunity to go into that bit of detail.

Finding my perfect classic Sonnar – PT1

I’ve decided to attempt to find my perfect classic 50mm lens to mount on my Leica rangefinders. I have my ideal modern lens in the form of the Zeiss ZM Sonnar, but sometimes, just once in a while, I fancy something that renders in a slightly less modern way. This post marks the first documented step in the process of finding this lens.

The lure of the uncomplicated camera

Readers of this blog and those who interact with me on social media often comment about what they see as a varied choice of cameras in my collection. The most common comments I get are around the idea that it seems odd that I would get so much enjoyment out of a bog-basic point & shoot when I also have access to and favour a camera like the Leica M3. I usually reply with little more depth than by commenting about how enjoy different types of cameras. Though, whenever I say this, it only really feels like half of the story.

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