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A bunch of film cameras, books and some film ready to go

Film Friday, Saturday and Sunday – By Röd White

Why use film all of a sudden? In a world filled with digital distractions, it’s nice to get away from it all and do something completely analogue occasionally. It doesn’t come any more analogue than using a mechanical camera with no electronics and shooting film. Doing so will almost certainly sharpen your photographic skills. You’ll have to work out your exposure and do everything manually so there’s plenty in which to immerse yourself.

"Haunted" Photo

The Ones that Got Away – By Dave Powell

Like the hearty souls who hunt and fish, most photographers can probably tell a story or two about “the ones that got away.” Loss can happen for any number of reasons:

Not having a camera handy
Reacting too slowly for a fleeting moment
Poor exposures
Lost or stolen equipment
Fires, floods or storms
Computer or disc crashes
Inadequate backup
And perhaps a hundred more

I don’t intend for this article to be about “paranormal” photos. But I’ve had more than my fair share of such experiences, and my most memorable losses have come from that realm.

Anecdotes from the Analogue World Ep. 4 – By Nandakumar

Things took a rather grim turn in my last post when I shared this story about mental health and how crippling it can be in preventing humans from pursuing their passion or even just carrying on living everyday.

This time it is death. And hence it is going to be another sad read. The pictures have almost no connection to the story but they do illustrate the idea of open spaces where I could shot the train unhindered during the course of the project. The very open spaces that eluded me on the day when this story took place in 2017.

This would also be my last post for the foreseeable future on 35mmc.

Rolleicord Va giving the impression that it works

The Pitfalls of Buying 2nd Hand… When 2nd Hand is all there is – By Chris Hooke

Well, this is quite embarrassing.

This, my first post for 35mmc, would tell the glorious tale of a Rolleicord Va, newly acquired from a well know auction site. It would include the unboxing, cleaning, any minor repairs, and finally, those first glorious, world class images that I would obviously take with it.

And in the story of my life, soon to be made into a tragic comedic Hollywood blockbuster, its broken. Of course it is. Not badly broken, but it still doesn’t work.

The Spoiled Negatives from a Spoiled Petri 7s – By Ana Sousa

I started shooting exclusively in analogue approximately 5 years ago. At the beginning it was like entering a carousel full of expectations and experiences. I wanted to learn everything quickly and with quality. Of course it’s never like that! The curious story I will tell you here happened at that time in 2019/2020. I was so fascinated with analogue cameras that I wanted to try all of them in the world.

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