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36 Photos of Filipa, And How I Found My Way To Portrait Photography – By Fernando Martins

I must have been no more than eight or nine years old when I started to watch classic gangster and detective films. Gradually, I became fascinated by the figure of the anti-hero: scoundrels, bewitching femme-fatales and disgraced private eyes were notably played by stellar actors such as James Cagney, Ava Gardner or Humphrey Bogart. Allied to the outstanding performances, that glamorous black and white cinematography was crucial in defining a genre and it got me totally hooked on to it.

Record Covers & the Chronicle of a Photo Shoot for ‘Bradford’ (with 4 Cameras) – by Fernando Martins

Vinyl records, and more recently, cassette tapes, have been experiencing a huge revival, but to anyone who wasn’t alive before the Internet age it may not be easy to perceive the true relevance of owning music solely in a physical format. Long before we had online streaming or Compact Discs, music albums arrived mainly packed in large, beautiful covers, through the superlative and noble format of vinyl Long-Playing records. That turned out to be one of the finest ways to display outstanding artworks, and in consequence, present Photography in all its deserved glory. Unlike with tiny CD covers that resemble more like a sort of promotional leaflets, we behold some pictures in LPs, with almost the same awe and delight as Photography in a gallery.

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